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Thorough cleaning and restoration of water damaged carpets

Water and carpet don’t go well together. Whether it’s a spill, a leak, an overflowing tap or even a heavy downpour, water can damage the carpets in your home or office anytime. Water soaked carpets have to be treated quickly and properly. Just mopping surface water off carpets and drying with a fan or heater may not be enough to completely dry out the carpet fibres. The carpet underlay, timber or concrete below could also be waterlogged and every one of these components must be dried and cleaned.

Left untreated, wet carpets become breeding grounds for unhealthy mould and mildew. Mildew is a surface fungi – easily detectable with the naked eye. They appear as patches of grey or white fungi on floors, furniture, and furnishings. Mould, on the other hand, are harder to detect because they usually grow inside water damaged carpets, floor surfaces, walls and even underneath furniture and fittings. Both are harmful to health causing a string of illnesses including allergies, asthma, eczema, and so forth.

If you suspect a mould infestation in your home or workplace or if you have experienced an unfortunate carpet flooding incident, call DryTech Water Damage and Restoration immediately. We will send our technician to your property immediately to evaluate the situation and propose a solution to clean and restore your carpets, vinyl, timber or tile flooring.

Our comprehensive carpet cleaning and restoration service

Removal of excess surface water is the first step to our thorough water damaged carpet treatment. Depending on the type and amount of flooding/water damage, our technician will recommend a range of tools and equipment to complete this important first step.

Evaporation. Additional heaters, fans, and air filters will be used to complete the drying out process.
Dehumidification (Ventilation). The room is air-dry using powerful dehumidifiers.

Steam cleaning – Dry steam cleaning the carpet and flooring is carried out using industrial-strength steam cleaners to return the carpet to its original condition. Walls and floorboards affected are sanitized.

Inspection – A final thorough examination of all affected areas are carried out to ensure that no mould or mildew infestation is present.

Carpet cleaning and restoration is our business. We have a proven track record fixing water damage carpets and floors for domestic, commercial and industrial properties throughout Sydney. We have a fleet ready to deploy at short notice to any location in Sydney CBD, Inner & Outer Suburbs.

Call us today if you need urgent professional help to fix a water damaged carpet or if you suspect you have an unwanted mould or mildew infestation. You can also obtain a free no obligation quote below.